Welcome to the Rural Ruins Project: Documenting the passage of rural America.

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Welcome to the internet home of the Rural Ruins Project. The purpose of this project is to document in photos, the passing history of rural architecture and implements in the United States.

Today, America's agricultural history is being burned or buried or lies crumbling. The increase of corporate agriculture and changes to the typical family farm are helping speed this aspect of American history fade into obscurity. Simple marks on plat maps are far too frequently the only remaining evence these places and things existed.

The gallery on this website is an attempt to help us, and future generations remember what was here in rural America.

If you are interested in helping the Rural Ruins Project, please browse to the How to Contribute page.

Please enjoy your stay at this site. Enter The Gallery.

All visitors should note that this is a new website and is under construction. It may change a lot over the course of the next year. Please be patient while the website is fine tuned and tested. Thanks!

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