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There are many ways a person can contribute to this project. The most important way a person can help the Rural Ruins Project is by contributing photos.
  • Anyone with a smartphone that can take photos and tag them with the phone's location can contribute. Simply take six or so photos of a location or building and send them to the contributions e-mail box . Before sending them, please check that they have been geo-tagged properly. People with standard digital cameras can also contribute by taking several photos of a location, sending your best six or so photos and include the latitude and longitude in the body of the e-mail. Please only send photographs of the same building or location in a single e-mail. Do not send photos from multiple locations in the same e-mail. Including information about the photographed location in the e-mail would be greatly helpful.
  • Those doing this as school or group project are encouraged to include your group name in the e-mail body. Also, all contributions should include the contributor's name. Full names aren't necessary; "T Jones" or "Ms Smith" would be sufficient. Please do not worry, your name or group will not be included on the website without your permission. All images sent as contributions will be givin a tag of "Contribution". If you and/or your group would like your own tag (like "Roosevelt High School Art, 2016" or something like that), please include that request in your e-mail. Having your own tag makes it easy to find your contributions in the gallery.
  • Photos that are appropriate for this project include abandoned or decaying farm structures, abandoned farming implements, rural bridges no longer in use, roadways and railway beds that are no longer in use, etc... If you have a question about what is appropriate, please see the gallery for examples, or send your question to the contributions e-mail box .
  • Try to include photos of all sides of all items at a location. Sometimes only one angle is available to the photographer and that is OK. Close-up photos of odd or important items at a location would be greatly appreciated.
  • If a location or building is already documented in the gallery and you have other photos, please send them. Chances are good the different sets of photos will show different aspects.
  • Include other items in your photos to give them context. If there is a road, or tower or other buildings nearby, include them in one or two photos.
  • Know your laws! Do NOT break the law to take photos of a location. Watch for No Trespassing signs and DO NOT TRESPASS!
  • Many abandoned locations have things hidden just under the topsoil or layer of leaves. Some of the more dangerous things to watch out for include wells, broken glass and nails. BE CAERFULL! Do NOT enter abandoned buildings or walk on bridges; they may be unsafe and cause personal injury or worse!
Another way you can contribute is simply link to this website from your own website, blog, photo gallery, etc... Basically, telling people about this website would be a great help.

Lastly, the Rural Ruins Project is a personal project; it is not non-profit and the project does not need money at this time. However, donations of photography hardware would be a great help! People donating equipment would recieve recognition on this site and perhaps a high quality, signed print; we could likely work something out. As for needs, at this time the only thing I would like to have is a Canon EF mount wide angle lens and a good tripod. Please send me an e-mail if you would like to make a hardware donation.

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